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Welcome to Hearing Diagnostics Center!

Since 1987, Hearing Diagnostics Center has offered our community a unique hearing healthcare practice that specializes in individualized patient care.

Whether you’re having a problem with hearing, wax impaction, or tinnitus, we use our experience and expertise to craft a solution customized just for you. Our goal is to help you hear at your very best. Let us help you reconnect with your friends and family members so that you may enjoy all that life has to offer.

This is YOUR time and improving YOUR hearing just happens to be OUR passion. Call our office today to schedule your appointment.

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What Our Patients Say

"I would like for both old and new patients alike to know how well Dr. David Craig has taken care of my hearing care needs. For the past 18 years, Dr. Craig has helped me to hear as well as I do and has taken excellent care of my hearing aids. You will find in Dr. Craig a totally honest and caring person!"

Anna H.

"Dr. Craig always solves my hearing problems quickly and with friendly compassion. Office staff is also extremely friendly and helpful, where they have been able to assist me in all of my requests. I highly rate Hearing Diagnostics Center"

George M.

"Hearing Diagnostics Center has delivered expert service and assistance from my first appointment forward. They listened to my needs and offered up a number of solutions to my hearing concerns. Once I made my decision, they were prompt in delivering the solution I chose. Not once did I feel any pressure to buy a hearing aid. Instead, they explained my options and what I could expect from each. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of hearing assistance - top quality service and products!!"

John P.

"Staff and Dr. Craig were very knowledgeable and professional. The atmosphere was not hurried or pushy. They provided multiple options and helpful information that was much appreciated. Dr Craig answered all of my questions. In today's world with all the excuses and changes going on, this office was refreshing. I have already referred two people."

Marsh T.


    Our Services

    Here at Hearing Diagnostics Center, we provide a full-service audiology clinic that serves patients in the Michiana area and beyond. We offer a wide range of hearing services including hearing testing, hearing aid selection & programming, hearing aid repairs, and ongoing hearing aid maintenance. We also offer a large selection of assistive listening devices and Dr. Craig is licensed to remove excessive earwax.

    Initial consultations involve three steps: a diagnostic hearing evaluation including tympanometry and if hearing loss is revealed, a hearing aid consultation. If you are experiencing signs of hearing loss, we invite you to schedule an appointment.

    Hearing Tests

    Complete diagnostic hearing testing is performed in a sound booth in a noise-controlled environment. This involves patient responses to auditory stimuli in order to diagnose frequency-specific sensitivity. Spoken words are also used to determine speech understanding in ideal conditions. Testing is simple, fast, and pain-free. The results of your hearing test will be used to determine the best path forward.

    Hearing Aid Selection and Fitting

    If your hearing test reveals the need for amplification, a hearing aid evaluation will be conducted to determine the most appropriate type of device for your particular hearing loss and lifestyle needs. Since there are a large number of hearing aids and a wide array of manufacturers to choose from, it is important that you have the most updated and unbiased information to make your decision.

    Hearing Aid Repairs

    We offer in-office repairs for most brands of hearing aids. And what we are unable to repair, we have a lab that we are able to send in hearing aids to be repaired, no matter the age of the unit and/or condition.

    Custom Hearing Protection

    Our knowledge of the most current and effective hearing protection is something we recommend for people that work or play around with excessive noise.

    Cerumen/Wax Removal

    We are fully equipped to provide cerumen (wax) removal services to all our patients. Many hearing aid users develop problems due to excessive cerumen buildup. Success with hearing aids requires a clean and clear ear canal.